Marilyn Reish

Photo by Soula Pefkaros.

Living is textured by all that surrounds us and I find my inspiration and motivation for work within the layers.  

The human capacity for destruction, while at the same time containing the amazing ability to restore, re-wild, and reconnect is a contradiction worth examining over and over. And so, I focus my work towards healthy, beautiful spaces that contain thriving plant communities emphasizing native species.  Through landscape I want people to restore and re-wild.  I hope to be a part of designing, building and planting places that reconnect us to the web of life by which we are all supported.

I am grateful for the physical ability to do this kind of work, the educational opportunities I have been given, and the space to experience my own connection to nature.  I want my work to be a conscious effort towards beautiful spaces filling the texture of everyone's life.